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Norfolk Virtual School for Looked After and Previously Looked after Children
Keeping education on the agenda for looked after and previously looked after children
Norfolk’s Virtual School for Looked After and Previously Looked after Children supports the educational progress of children in the care of Norfolk County Council, wherever they may be placed and works in partnership to ensure the best possible education outcomes
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24 Sep
Designated Safeguarding Lead Training: Safeguarding in Education
This Course is for any member of staff who intends to perform the role of the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) or the role of the alternate DSL. The 2 day course will cover the legislative framework, statutory guidance, the roles and responsibilities of the DSL, safer working practice, learning lessons from serious case reviews and best practice in line with the Ofsted Framework for Inspection. From September 2016, members of staff who are new to the role of Designated Safeguarding Lead or have not attended the Safeguarding in Education Course since April 2010 will be required to attend a two day training course. This development is in response to feedback received following DSL training, it has been supported by the Education Advisory Group of the NSCB and brings the training in line with many other LAs and the NSPCC. DSLs who have attended a full day training since April 2010 are not required to undertake the two day course and should book on a refresher.
24 Sep
Introduction to LA Budget Planner
Ideal for Finance Officers, Headteachers, Deputies or Business Managers with responsibility for the school budget.
24 Sep
Restorative Approaches; Being Restorative - Multiagency
Restorative approaches seek to build and maintain respectful, collaborative relationships and equip people with the skills to resolve conflicts and address challenging behaviour.
24 Sep
Transformative Curriculum Design
Equip yourself with the current thinking around effective curriculum design and transform your school’s curriculum model from delivery to designing learning. Curriculum design matters. This academic year presents the perfect opportunity to re-think your curriculum and consider how intelligent curriculum design can impact on pupil outcomes. Equip yourself with the current thinking in education around effective curriculum design and what cognitive science tells us about learning with this series of curriculum seminars. You will have time to reflect on your own curriculum and consider your future goals whilst being provided with tools to support you along your way.
25 Sep
Effective Phonics
Plan effective and engaging phonic sessions and equip your children with the skills they need to become confident and fluent readers and writers.