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Education Achievement and Early Years Service
Working with you to improve learning outcomes for all through focussed assessment, support and data analysis
The Education Achievement and Early Years Service supports accurate statutory assessment, promotes high achievement and supports early years learning to improve outcomes for learners.
The assessment team provides statutory assessment monitoring and moderation services to all maintained Norfolk schools and on a traded basis to multi-academy trusts within and outside of Norfolk. We work in partnership with schools through a network of highly trained and quality assured school based moderators. We provide training, guidance and materials, including:
  • a comprehensive package to support accurate and efficient statutory assessment in Early Years, and Key Stages 1 and 2
  • training on leadership in assessment in a school, trust or group of schools

The achievement team collects, analyses and shares data drawn from outcomes and contextual data for all pupils in Norfolk. We use this to support:
  • Effective data analysis for improvement by providing training and analysis
  • The earliest possible access to the information and tools you need to understand and improve outcomes
  • Identification of best practice

The Early Years team provide training which covers all aspects of running effective and safe Early Years Provision that meets all statutory requirements. Early years training is booked through this website: http://www.schools.norfolk.gov.uk/Early-years-foundation-stage/Workforce-development/NCC181500
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