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CPD Toolkit from The Key provides schools with high-quality, ready-to-deliver resources that address a range of training priorities

What is CPD Toolkit?
CPD Toolkit from The Key is a service that provides school leaders with everything they need to deliver high-impact and cost-effective in-school training for teachers, leaders and support staff.
It combines online resources including downloadable, ready-to-deliver training modules on topics ranging from assessment to time management, step-by step facilitator support and short sector updates for staff.
Our CPD Toolkit is based on well-evidenced research and produced in collaboration with leading organisations and experts. We have an unparalleled quality assurance process, involving our in-house CPD and quality teams as well as subject specialists and schools, to ensure that every resource in the toolkit is accurate, practical, engaging and focused on schools' needs.

CPD tools

Training modules
Our in-depth training modules on topics from assessment to time management address school training priorities identified through extensive market research. We work with leading organisations and subject specialists to produce modules that are underpinned by relevant research and encourage continuous self-improvement.
Each module is divided into 90-minute sessions which can be delivered by staff to staff whenever suits your training schedule. Each session is ready to deliver, with a variety of resources to support engaging, transformative learning, including:
• Facilitator notes providing step-by-step guidance on how to deliver training effectively
• Presentation slides outlining and referencing key concepts, theory and research
• Action-research tools encouraging participants to analyse their own practice
• Case studies and scenario-based activities to support strategy application
• Videos and multi-media content for engaging explanations of complicated concepts
• Practical activities and inter-session tasks to ensure learning is embedded
• Research summaries in a succinct, user-friendly format
• Learning logs enabling participants to reflect upon their learning against objectives
Our bank of modules is continually expanding to address new topics that school leaders tell us are important training priorities.
Existing modules regularly undergo research and quality assurance reviews to ensure they stay relevant, up to date and accurate.

Staff digests
These concise updates address important sector news in 25 minutes. Informative and practical, they explore current issues that staff need to be aware of – the implications of policy changes, new research developments, revisions to Ofsted guidance, and more. The digests can be used as part of whole-school training sessions or meetings to help staff stay up to date, work consistently and be reflective practitioners who are responsive to change.
Staff digests are ready to deliver with presentation slides, facilitator notes, handouts, prompts for discussion and reflection, and more.

Facilitator support
Our facilitator resources support in-school trainers to lead and deliver engaging and high-impact professional development with confidence. These resources explore the principles of effective CPD, highlight best practice and are suitable for facilitators of all levels of experience.

Facilitator support includes:
• Train the trainer – a CPD module that explores what effective training looks like and equips in-school facilitators to deliver CPD Toolkit modules with impact
• Module support – all sessions within modules feature detailed facilitator notes to guide in-school trainers every step of the way, from session planning to delivery and follow-up
• Facilitation skills – guidance and tips from our experts explaining complicated concepts and helping to develop ability
• Trainer workshops – opportunities to develop and practise facilitation skills, explore best practice, meet with other in-school facilitators and share ideas

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