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ICT Services Supporting Learning and Teaching

ICT Cloud services supporting teaching and learning


ICT offers cloud based services which support learning and teaching namely:
  • Norfolk Cloud Portal
  • Options for using the Google email accounts and NSIX User IDs for schools not using the Updata contract
  • Google Apps Support

The Norfolk Cloud Portal enables school users to access a wide range of applications endorsed by the schools community through a single point with one user ID and password.

Google Apps Support is available from ICT Shared Services to help you get the most out of Google Apps.

Keeping your NSIX Google accounts – we offer a number of options to retain accounts for schools not on the Updata contract.

Generic Email Accounts Service - Office 365 is our email service using Microsoft cloud technology to provide a modern, configurable service for your generic accounts (i.e head@, office@). Your email accounts are hosted on our education Office 365 tenant. As part of the revised broadband contract, Generic email accounts (i.e head@, office@ are now covered under a separate contract from 1st April 2016 for Norfolk schools and academies, and are now available to all schools regardless of your broadband provider. See the Download "Generic Email Accounts Service" for full details.


An Integrated Solution – Norfolk Cloud Portal

In an era of useful web-based apps and multiple services, managing secure passwords and usernames is becoming a major headache. We automatically create school user accounts from your MIS system and integrate them with cloud based services such as Google Apps and Gmail so that users only need to log in once to access all their services in the Norfolk Cloud Portal.
We added Microsoft 365 to the Cloud Portal in 2015 so you can use all the Google Apps for Education and Microsoft 365 apps from the same NSIX User ID. You just have to select one or the other for email.
Google Apps Support means that you can make the most from the free tools such as Google Classroom and save money on other chargeable VLE services.
As well as saving you time in school, it means services are available for staff and pupils from anywhere 24/7.

More Details

The Norfolk Cloud Portal is provided as part of the Updata contract and gives you access to an array of educational applications and content such as Google Apps for Education and Microsoft 365 Education apps.
In addition the Portal gives you the opportunity to purchase online resources from leading educational content providers such as Espresso, J2E, BrainPop, 2Simple, Purple Mash.
Our approach to content in the Norfolk Cloud Portal is based on school community led apps, chosen by you for you. ICT Shared Services processes the verification and vetting of suppliers on the Portal so you can securely and confidently purchase products which have been nominated by other Norfolk schools, vetted for technical requirements and easily delivered to you through the Norfolk Cloud Portal. This means that your staff and pupils can have access to business and education applications from anywhere 24/7 with one single ID and login for each individual in school.
Norfolk Cloud Portal, Google Apps for Education and Google NSIX email accounts are included as part of the Updata contract.
For schools that move to another Broadband provider we have created a number of other packages for schools to retain Google NSIX accounts and access to the Norfolk Cloud Portal.
The Norfolk User IDS enabled through Updata contracts are required for SIMS user IDS so we have included another package option for schools on SIMS but with another Broadband provider to maintain this essential functionality to access SIMS. Please also see Useful Links on this page.

Contact Details

Contact ICT Service Desk on 0845 303 3003 or email if you wish to discuss your school’s specific requirements.

For full information and service specification on the ICT services supporting learning and teaching please visit our website at


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