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This is a new SIMS contract for the period 1st April 2016 to 31st March 2018. It is based on moving to a new Microsoft Azure platform which means a much quicker and easier user experience, full client SIMS functionality from any Apple or Windows device and for a lower price.

ICT Shared Services and Capita provide SIMS school management information system for all your school management functions. With SIMS, you can be sure that every student’s progress is tracked, helping you to understand every child’s needs and raise attainment across your school.

SIMS Core Suite is the central source of your school data – so you can edit, collate and analyse information, helping you to build a complete picture of every pupil.
  • Record and maintain historical SEN data
  • Obtain accurate Pupil Premium data by importing files directly from the Key to Success website into SIMS and add and edit Pupil Premium records manually.
  • Monitor behaviour, progress and AM and PM attendance
Key data on individual attendance, progress, behaviour, achievements and Special Educational Needs is displayed on a single screen. Quick links to details can inform pupil / parent meetings and give you the complete picture.
  • Key indicators
See an at-a-glance view of the key areas for a child: attendance, behaviour and achievements.
  • Pupil teacher view
View individual pupil data or see whole school view of data.
  • Use the bulletin panel to view whole schools information, such as newsletters, school policies or bulletins.
Capita and ICT Shared Services jointly provide a variety of support options to help you manage your school exploit in a single application through access to a range of analytical tools, reports, historical and real-time information. We have created templates in SIMS to simplify data processing for LA returns.


  • Accessible anytime anywhere from any internet connected device from SIMS cloud hosted solution – A truly flexible solution
  • Range of modules included to cover all areas of data requirements in your school – i.e. Pupil data, Staff data, Attendance, Assessment, Behaviour, Achievements, Reporting
  • Includes access to SIMS Discover data analysis tool. In an inspection, you need to show that you are helping every pupil progress. With SIMS Discover, you can examine current data to demonstrate the progress of groups such as those eligible for free school meals (FSM), SEN and Pupil Premium pupils.
  • Ability to print and save data from any location.
  • Fully-managed service - no ongoing infrastructure upgrade costs
  • Approved framework procured system meaning you benefit from reduced pricing and knowledge that all legislation and security are covered. More cost effective than going direct to the supplier for licensing and support.
  • Integrates with other 3rd party software through our 3rd party connector
  • Access to skilled, highly trained and knowledgeable staff who are experts in handling Children’ data and supporting SIMS as well as DBS Checked.
  • Access to termly local MIS support sessions – speak to the experts as well as networking with colleagues to share best practice, tips on DfE returns, preparing reports for Ofsted and exploit SIMS to benefit the management of your school.
  • An annual 1 to 1 onsite support session for your administrator on areas relevant to your school.
  • SIMS is used in 21,000 schools meaning a vast knowledge of school environments and requirements.
  • FREE Half day 1 to 1 new secretary training onsite at your school. These sessions are designed to supplement training and not replace the Capita training courses available via

More Details

Hosted SIMS lets you enjoy all the benefits and functionality of SIMS without having the responsibility of maintaining SIMS in school. This flexible approach saves time and money in school so staff can focus on using SIMS to improve outcomes across your school.

SIMS Management Information System includes:

SIMS Secondary or Primary Core Suite – i.e Pupil records, Staff records, Attendance

SIMS Home Page:
  • Gives Senior staff, admininstrators and teachers an instant snapshotof current progress and conduct of pupils and alerts you need to be aware of.
  • Use the bulletin to panel to view whole school information, such as newsletters, school policies or bulletins.

SIMS Behaviour Module:
  • SIMS allows you to keep track of attendance and behaviour and to communicate key issues easily via the SIMS communication tools to alert other teachers linked to the child of the incident.
  • You can examine patters of behaviour throughout the school according to behaviour type, location, time of day, pupil and teacher.

SIMS Dinner Money
  • SIMS Dinner Money provides an easy-to-use solution to report on and manage school meals efficiently. Record, monitor and share pupil meal choices and track the financial aspects automatically.

SIMS Assessment – Programmes of Study
  • Access to a brand new Programme of Study area within SIMS Assessment, where senior leaders and teachers can review and assess against the entire National Curriculum Programmes of Study for every subject across KS1 and KS2.
  • You can record achievements with or without levels, receive instant progress analysis and identify data trends within your school – whether it’s proving you’re closing the gap with your Pupil Premium children or monitoring the impact of poor attendance on achievement.

SIMS available for all teaching staff (subject to access rights given by you)
  • Electronic registration, tracking grids input, report templates and a teacher view on every pupil are the tools your teachers need for every aspect of classroom management.

SIMS Reporting

  • Intuitive and easy to use, SIMS IEP Writer helps you to create effective plans, including realistic learning targets that challenge gifted pupils and encourage those with different abilities to achieve more.

SIMS Discover
  • Graphical analytical tool to allow you to clearly present data graphically with simple drag and drop actions, using Venn diagrams, bar and pie charts and line graphs. You can also drill down into your pupil information, giving you all the details to hand to help make critical decisions or provide evidence to Ofsted and Governors.

SIMS Personnel
  • SIMS Personnel stores a wide range of information, allowing you to build a complete picture of every staff member in your school. Collate information including personal details, absences, training, qualifications, checks, contracts and service agreements.

SIMS Support
  • Support is available by telephone and email.

SIMS Support Sessions – Annual 1 to 1 in your school and termly sessions

SIMS Hosting solution
  • With Hosted SIMS, you get the SIMS functionality you need without the responsibility of running your own equipment. With Hosted SIMS you won’t need a SIMS server and you won’t have any SIMS backups to manage. In fact you won’t have to do any upgrades or maintenance for SIMS ever again. Your staff can simply login to our secure website, click on the application they want to use and make the most of the SIMS software they rely on to help them do their jobs effectively.
  • Hosted SIMS is a highly secure service based on the secure Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Capita use industry-leading SSL encryption in the same way your internet banking operates. Once your data reaches the data centre it is heavily guarded by both electronic and physical layers of security. Capita and ICT Shared Services are committed to protecting your data and keeping your information secure.

Secondary School Additional Modules

SIMS Lesson Monitor
  • Easily keep track of students’ attendance and behaviour

SIMS Curriculum Management (Timetable)
  • Manage student timetables and produce the very best curriculum easily and efficiently.

SIMS Assessment – Progress 8
  • Senior leaders can track the Progress 8 measures and use attainment data across all subjects to make accurate grade forecasts. Crucially, this can give schools the insight they need to identify any gaps in progress early on.
  • Data in SIMS will also help schools to set interventions for students of all abilities to close these gaps and ensure they do as well as possible at Key Stage 4.

Optional Services

Cluster Support Workshops for special events such as End of Year rollover, census etc

In Touch SMS and Email service
  • SIMS InTouch uses SMS and email to provide your school with a complete communication solution. Powerful and efficient, you can engage more effectively with parents, keeping them fully informed of everything related to their child's school life, whilst ensuring staff members are always up-to-date, wherever they are.

SIMS additional report writing

SIMS Agora
  • SIMS Agora helps you collect payments and permissions from parents simply, securely and cost-effectively, with the SIMS you already use.
  • With everything in one place, parents can easily manage payments and make purchases, whether it’s for school meals, trips, clubs, transport, uniform or other school items. SIMS Agora is accessible from PCs, mobiles and tablet devices, making it even more convenient for parents to make payments from wherever they are.

SIMS Staff Performance
  • SIMS Staff Performance provides senior leadership teams with the tools to manage and monitor the performance of staff throughout the school. Integration with SIMS Personnel allows school leaders to record staff performance alongside training, qualifications and employment details already held in SIMS - building a complete picture of every member of staff.

Securely hosted solution - With Hosted SIMS your SIMS database will be securely hosted at a Microsoft Azure hosting centre, removing the need for a dedicated SIMS server in school. As part of this fully-managed service all upgrades and backups will be carried-out by us to ensure that your system is working at optimum efficiency. This flexible approach to the management of your MIS gives you the freedom to focus on improving outcomes across your school.

Anytime, anywhere access to SIMS is available for all your teaching and non-teaching staff that you allow access to SIMS. Your SIMS administrator in school controls the level of access that your staff may have in SIMS.

Range of support options - Your users can access support guidance and information on all areas via as well as one to one telephone support to answer specific questions your staff may have. In addition users have the opportunity to network with other school colleagues being supported by Capita and ICT Shared Services’ staff on a termly basis to hear the latest guidance for calendar events as well as software updates.

Contact Details

Please contact ICT Service Desk on 0845 303 3003 or email if you wish to discuss your specific school’s requirements.
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