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ICT Protech Plus Support

ICT Protech Plus– professional, proactive support in your school


ICT Shared Services offers a range of ICT support options so you can access reliable, affordable support for your school’s requirements. We have extensive knowledge and experience in maintaining reliable systems which support learning and teaching, as well as school management functions.

The ICT Protech and Protech Plus Support contracts are based on
  • a core contract of proactive support to maximise the availability and reliability of your systems in school
  • Symantec End Point licences as well as automated updates

ICT ProTech Plus offers local hands on support in your school to help your staff to get the most benefit from your ICT as well as enhanced levels of specialist support such as
  • Scheduled School Support visits – support for half day per month, per 2 weeks, per week or 1 and 2 days per week
  • Engineer visits

We can also tailor support contracts to meet your individual needs from a range of services. For more information on tailored support contracts, please contact or phone our Service Desk on 0845 303 3003.


Proactive preventative maintenance behind the scenes from the ICT Service Desk and Remote Team. Unlike other providers, we include Symantec End Point anti-virus licences and routinely send you the latest updates from the manufacturer. The education retail price of Symantec licences purchased outside our contracts is £8.95 per device so this represents a significant saving when comparing our contract with other providers.

The Remote Engineering Team proactively monitors your systems to carry out preventative maintenance including updating Windows system software to ensure maximum availability of your systems for teaching and learning as well as keeping your users and data safe from external threats.

ICT Service Desk with online, remote and telephone support from ICT professionals. ICT ProTech contracts cover access to our Service Desk, online call logging and online support guides. Our Service Desk and ICT specialists will support you by phone, email or remotely to resolve your queries so you have the confidence of having experts on hand when you need it to get the most from your ICT.

Remote back up service
The RBUSS Redstor Backup for Schools automatically protects data residing on desktops, laptops, servers and network attached storage devices according to retention policies and schedules set by the user so do not have to worry about data being lost or having to perform back up procedures in school. Data is encrypted and is stored off site in high security data centres so there are no tapes and tape management issues in school. Rapid data recovery online is available when you need it. This service will be available from 1st April 2016 until 31st July 2016. It will be replaced as a new service offering from Updata. More information about the Updata replacement and migration plan will be available shortly.

Scheduled support visits
ICT Technicians visit the school for a scheduled programme of visits.
Available from :
  • Half day per month
  • Half day per 2 weeks
  • Half day per week
  • 1 day per week
  • 2 days per week

Tailored options available on request.

The ICT Technician offers advice and guidance to teaching and support staff to maximise the use of resources in school. We have engineers dedicated to your area so you have access to a greater range of ICT specialists to support your specific school’s requirements. We are trained to support Microsoft, Google and Apple devices and operating systems in schools.

With Protech Plus contracts we offer a Technician who attends for an agreed slot but with the flexibility of adjusting time on site to support you in school when you need it. You do not lose resource due to staff sickness or holidays.

Experience in the education sector
ICT Shared Services has an extensive range of qualified, experienced IT professionals. We have been supporting schools for 25 years so we understand the education environment and continually develop and adapt services to meet the needs of individual schools and academies.

Tailored services
As well as the contracts offered, we are also experienced in developing solutions and contracts to meet individual schools short term and long term needs. Over the last year alone we responded urgently to provide on-site technician and engineer services in response to specific school's needs to cover staff shortages in school for a number of reasons. For secondary schools we work on site with the school’s IT team to support or advise as required. Please contact us if you would like to discuss options in more detail.

More Details

ICT Protech core contracts include:
  • Access to Service Desk
  • Support for LAN (local area network) hardware and hardware support
  • Remote encrypted remote back up service
  • Remote management support and diagnostics
  • Symantec End point Anti virus licences & automated updates
  • Microsoft Windows automated updates
  • Purchasing Advice and Guidance
  • IT Disposal and recycling

ICT Protech Plus contracts include:
  • All the services included in the Protech core contract above
  • Scheduled school technician support visits – options available from ½ day per month to 2 days per week

Tailored contracts are available on request for specific projects, short term and long term requirements. These can include options from the following list but this is not exclusive:
  • Service Desk support
  • Remote encrypted remote back up service
  • Remote management support and diagnostics
  • Symantec End point Anti virus licences & updates
  • Microsoft Windows updates
  • Purchasing Advice and Guidance
  • IT Disposal and recycling
  • On-site technician services
  • Project Management
  • Consultancy and guidance
  • ICT Refresh programme

Contact Details

Please contact the ICT Service Desk on 0845 303 3003 or email if you wish to discuss your school’s requirements for tailored solutions.

Full information and service specification on the ICT Protech contracts and the full range of ICT services please visit our website at


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