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School 2 School Support

Support to schools staff and learners to develop a climate of opportunity and success for all


School 2 School support is a service offered by the consortium of Norfolk Complex Needs Schools, formally known as Trust Norfolk-SEN. School 2 School Support offers support to schools staff and learners to develop a climate of opportunity and success for all. You can buy our services in via an hourly rate or via your cluster.


We aim to support you and hope that we can generate the following:
  • Improve outcomes for children with SEN-D whilst supporting personal development, behaviour and welfare
  • To offer relevant and practical support to schools
  • To empower the referring school to support all pupils within their setting
  • To develop effective, sustainable practice with positive observable outcomes
  • Promote capacity for inclusion across Norfolk
  • Intervention and support early into a child’s education to ensure successful transition into secondary phase education

More Details

School 2 School Support can help you in any of the following ways:
  • Support in connection with a specific child or a wider whole school issue
  • Observations and recommendations in relation to pupils learning environments, curriculum or resources
  • Developing skills , knowledge and confidence
  • Training for key staff at the referring school
  • Modelling strategies and approaches to meet individual need
  • Visits to assigned Complex Needs School to see strategies in action
  • Signpost to other relevant services and organisations
  • Lesson modelling at your school
  • Support in writing and evaluating IEPs
  • Support at certain school meetings including Annual Reviews, FSP meetings and transition meetings
  • Differentiated curriculum ideas
  • Support in setting up intervention groups
  • Soft-touch support such as phone and email support
  • Sharing ideas around assessment (P Scales, B Squared, Learning Journals etc)

Contact Details

Matthew Smith (School Business Manager)
Sheringham Woodfields School | Holt Road | Sheringham | Norfolk | NR26 8ND
Tel: 01263 820520
Fax: 01263 820521


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