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At Norse, we are pursuing a cultural change that encourages everyone to have fun with food and treat it as something that can be enjoyed by all. Providing great food that children genuinely love to eat without compromising on quality, nutrition, sourcing or price is our mission.

We can provide your school a whole solution to your catering needs by providing a daily service to children; this can include breakfast and morning break as well as the lunchtime provision. In addition to this, we can offer fun and curriculum-friendly menu promotions, interactive cooking workshops and support with achieving Food for Life accreditation.

Our innovative and flexible approach allows individual schools the scope to develop a personalised catering service. No matter what service your school requires, Norse has a catering solution to meet your specific needs.


  • Cost – we have no hidden costs within our catering contracts
  • Full equipment repair, maintenance and replacement – no other provider offers this package
  • Professional and consistent support
  • Relief cover
  • Full DBS for kitchen team members
  • Staff training – including refresher courses
  • HR performance management systems
  • Primary Catering Board – meet every term
  • Health and Safety compliance and all applicable legislations
  • Comply with food safety hygiene standards and controls
  • Comply with food safety systems and records
  • Asset Management for the Kitchen
  • Fun and engaging menu that meets Government’s Food-based Standards
  • Promotional menus/themes
  • Full traceability of all goods with audited suppliers
  • ESPO Compliant procurement contracts
  • Local Suppliers; pricing agreed weekly
  • Dedicated Quality System
  • Nutritional Analysis – have own Nutritionist and Dietician
  • Silver Food for Life accreditation – meaning at least 75% of the menu is cooked from scratch
  • LACA membership – benchmarking and part of a national forum
  • Extra support – breakfast clubs, morning break, hospitality, parents evenings, cookery workshops with Cook Managers.
  • Interactive website

More Details

Our vision is that every child in East Anglia should have access to healthy and nutritious food throughout the school day in a setting conducive to promoting well-being.

Our Priorities are:
  • To ensure the sustainability of a high quality lunch service using fresh and locally-sourced ingredients.
  • To ensure perceptions of lunchtime are positive with an understanding of their potential to positively impact on children’s well-being and social ability.
  • To develop a robust process for monitoring and evaluating the school lunch provision to ensure we are continuing the development of our service.

Contact Details

If you would like further information or would like a bespoke proposal for your catering provision, please contact:
Clare Jordan
Business Support Manager
Norse Commercial Services
280 Fifers Lane

01603 894396


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